November 11, 2004

Major Announcement

I am moving to a new host, so my new blog address will be
This blog will be ongoing at the new address, and I will terminate this on November 18th; the 7 month anniversary of this blog's birth.
I hope you all come on over and visit. Change your bookmarks.
I want to thank Pixy for starting this 7 months ago. I am closing in on 2000 visits, and am amazed by the numbers.
Thank you :)

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Veteran's Day

Many years ago on the Armed Forces radio network in Europe, the programming director sent a note to his assistant to do some special programming for Veteran's Day, so the staff could take the day off.
Half way through Veteran's Day the program director turned on the radio to see how things sounded, but was horrified to hear graphic talk on Venereal Disease!
It turns out the note he gave to his assistant told him to do "V.D. Programming."

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November 10, 2004

Arafart dies

Until they say otherwise.

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U.N. Double Standard

The Usual Nitwits are showing their butts again. There is some kind of civil war going on in the African Nation Ivory Coast.
Some rebel forces attacked and killed some French Soldiers. France retaliated by launching an air strike and destroying the Ivory Coast Air Force, which consisted of about 3 aircraft.
Why didn't the U.N. condemn France?
Hmm....something fishy.
I think France has the right to do that, I just thought the silence from the Usual Nitwits was unusual.

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