September 10, 2004

Forgotten by the pacifists

There was this email debate going on about whether we should have attacked Iraq or Afghanistan, and I got pissed off. The more I wrote this, the more angry I got. Here is what I said:

While everybody blasts the USA, nobody is demonstrating against Saddam, or British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

This is about anti-americanism, and anti-"Bush-ism".

Has anyone seen the
perverted sexually oriented protest signs of the President ? That makes
famed photo of bin Laden and Bert from "Sesame Street" look intelligent.

Funny how when Clinton said Saddam must be stopped in 1998, nobody batted
an eye. Now that we are taking his suggestion- it is suddenly "Rabid
Cowboy" Bush.

Funny how Clinton wasn't a "Rabid Pervert" when he was "doing his thing"
in the White House.

Funny how when Clinton and NATO were clobbering Belgrade for about 70
days- there were no demonstrations.

Funny how when Clinton attacked an aspirin factory in Khartoum, Sudan-
nobody batted an eye.

Nearly everybody killed there was black- but nobody
gave a hoot. Now Bush is a so called Racist for "wanting to kill Iraqis."

Yet Clinton is touted as "The First Black President." He killed more
blacks in Africa than any president.(By virtue of attacking the asprin factory in Sudan)

If we followed the mindset of "war is not justified in any case", we would
still have slaves and plantations, and the Civil War would not have

Funny how Bin Laden kills blacks in African Embassy bombings, and people
of all races and nationalities on September. 11, 2001; and nobody
demonstrates against him.

Oh- but I forgot- September. 11, 2001 doesn't exist in the minds of
liberals and pacifists.

In their minds- we deserved the attack.

The two large holes at ground zero do not exist in the minds of liberals
and pacifists.

They feel the Pentagon attack was justified because it is "a military

A hole in a hallowed field in Pennsylvania means nothing to them either.

The blood of 3000+ murdered people crying from the ground falls on their
deaf ears.

The sickening thuds of those who fell to their deaths meant nothing to you pacifists.
You're probably pissed they littered the ground, and the burning towers polluted the air.

Those who are of this mindset have no defense to this, therefore they
become shrill and start name calling and blowing smoke to cloud the

Yet- if they are so ashamed of this country, and demonstrate against it
everything it stands for; why do they hide behind the American Flag and
claim "freedom of speech" ?
Isn't that called "hypocritical?"

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