September 10, 2004

Somewhere Over Pittsburgh

Continuing with tributes to 911 with another poem.

Somewhere Over Pittsburgh by Ralph Dahma* * Something happened Tuesday morning, Somewhere over Pittsburgh.*

We may never really know
Just exactly what transpired,
But this much is surely so:
A Nation was inspired.*

It was just another morning,
When from Newark they departed.
Then suddenly, without warning,
It seemed Armageddon started.*

They were businessmen and mothers,
Not soldiers in the sky.
Fathers, sons and brothers,
Just like you and I.*

"Should I watch the movie, or just rest?"
Seemed to be their biggest worry.
No one knew there'd be a test,
Or that this would be their moment of glory.*

Something happened Tuesday morning,
Somewhere over Pittsburgh.*

Someone shouted 'They've got knives!'
The movie no longer mattered.
Their dreams, their plans, their lives,
In an instant could be shattered.*

Those who could, picked up the phone,
To say I love you, perhaps farewell.
But soon they learned they weren't alone;
The whole nation had entered Hell.*

Was it really true?
They've destroyed New York's Twin Towers?!?
And then right away they knew,
They had minutes, seconds...not hours.*

'We need to do something now,
We need to act as one.'
'Let's take a vote, let's figure out how,
But we know what must be done.'*

Something happened Tuesday morning,
Somewhere over Pittsburgh.*

Where did they get the courage just then?
Was it from family, from church, from school,
Whatever the reason, they acted like men,
And bravely stood up, as Americans.*

There must have been a battle,
But neither side would yield.
The plane began to rattle,
Then slammed into a field.*

They didn't plan on being heroes,
But what heroes ever do?
Now the rest of the world knows,
What Americans, united, can do.*

So if your hero is some celebrity,
Or the guy who can hit one out,
Look to the skies above the Steel City,
And remember what heroes are all about.*

Something happened Tuesday morning,
Somewhere over Pittsburgh.*

For here's the rest of the story,
And the reason these folks we espouse:
Somewhere over Pittsburgh, Tuesday morning,
These brave Americans saved the White House.*

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