September 11, 2004

"Daddy, Is This a War?"

Three years ago, at this moment, it all started.
On the first anniversary of 911, the Reno Gazette Journal asked people to submit their experiences on that infamous day.
This is what I submitted, and they published it. I am surprised the link still works :)
You can also find out what my real name is ;) People usually don't believe that's my name because there was an infamous author by the same name.

Here it is, with what I really said in parenthesis.

I awakened at 6:15 AM that morning to the very concerned voice of Ross Mitchell on KKOH- in my haze I remembered the words "Fire- explosion- World Trade Center."
I jumped out of bed and turned the TV on to the sight of one of the towers on fire. Without realizing a tape was being shown, I saw the shadowy silhouette of the second plane come roaring in and exploding in the second tower.( I yelled "HOLY SHIT!!)

Soon, my then-10-year-old daughter Rachel was awake. Sensing my horror she asked what was going on. As I did my best to explain this to her, I heard

"We have confirmation of an explosion at the Pentagon" on the TV.

We sat and watched … by this time I had hung my American Flag outside.

Then the first tower collapses … we saw it live on TV … I am getting angry and sick to my stomach … then news of United Flight 93 crashing in Pennsylvania. ( I said "JESUS H. CHRIST!")

I am asking out loud "What in the hell is going on??"

I start wondering if I should keep Rachel home from school but decide to send her anyway.

As the second tower collapsed around 7:28 a.m. I remember gasping a 4-letter word,( I yelled "OH FUCK!!"), and then my daughter says something that really blew my mind, making me realize how mature and aware she is of things.

She asks, "Daddy, is this a war?"

Quite stunned, I looked at her and simply said, "Yes."

She then muttered, "Somebody messed with the wrong country!"

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That's cool that your story was published!
Your daughter was very wise saying what she did!
I hate memories like this.

Posted by: Robin P at September 11, 2004 12:11 PM
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