May 15, 2004

Seasonal Blahs

I really hate this time of year....

All the little high school and college pukes who think they know it all are graduating to a kick in the ass.
I admit to some envy/jealousy for college graduates because I got screwed out of going to college.
There were stupid things that happened and broken promises which kept me from going.
(Another story for another day)
I just hate it when these little pukes get everything handed to them on a platter and they never had to work a job for it.
What I really do not like is hearing parents spewing and gushing over how their little Johnny has been accepted at Shitworm University, or the fact that they are graduating and going to be some big attorney/porn star/ whatever.

Maybe I envy them because somebody gave a shit about their future.....

Ok- enough ranting about this for now......

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