May 14, 2004

The debate continues

I have noticed several visitors to this site from Pennsylvania, referred by Google in a search regarding the videotaped murder of that American in Iraq.
Like I said- anyone can find that crap by looking through a search engine....

I have avoided saying the victim's name because it is my way to show respect to the family, but holy shit- the dad has been saying some stupid shit ! He blames the murder on the "sins" of the president and the secretary of defense.

Hmmm- let's see. Iraq is a war zone- any brainless tumbleturd can figure out that you could get killed in a war zone.... hell he was even advised to leave Iraq by the U.S. military !
I do not believe that anybody forced him at gunpoint to go to Iraq.

I have a novice idea- why don't people blame those masked freaks for his murder ?

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