September 03, 2004

Clinton *Maybe* Suffers Heart Attack

This proves my point about the morons in the media:

Apparently the former President was having chest pains and went to the hospital.
An angioplasty did not go well, so now he is going to have a quadruple bypass done tomorrow.
Here is what I have heard on the news so far:

From a NY Times source (consider the source here) :
Bill Clinton suffers heart attack.
(I figure here if this is the case, how come CBS, ABC, and PBS have not interrupted programming? That is the only TV news sources I have.)
ABC Radio never mentions the words "heart attack" but says he had "multiple lesions" on his heart.

Still- I have seen nothing on TV. I figure the media vultures would be circling the hospital he's in, but so far nothing like that.

The bottom line as it appears from here in the Nevada Desert: He has a heart problem that needs fixing, the surgery is routine, and it may not be as serious as these fried douche bags in the media are saying it is.

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