August 22, 2004

Touch Screen Voting

I went and voted early yesterday for the Nevada Primary. This is the first time that we have used the touch screen voting system.
I thought it was easy, but I have come to this conclusion:

Based on my job, where we have an electronic payment system, I believe only women will be able to vote in this election.
Because they are the only ones who can figure electronic shit out.
Men like to act as if they know how to work this stuff, but most don't, and they are too stupid to ask for help.

If they fuck it up, it's the "goddamn machine's fault."

I guess we will see who that will benefit in the election.

Posted by dr at August 22, 2004 12:43 PM | TrackBack

*snicker* You make a good point , there. ;-)

I used a touch screen thing to take my driver's test here in Washington. It was actually kind of cool. There were "real life-type" pics to go along with the questions and it made the test a lot easier, IMO*.

*In my opinion


Posted by: Funkalicious at August 22, 2004 02:07 PM

You are awesome! I love an honest man. Who knows what will happen on election day! Hopefully the people will not mess up on those computers!

Posted by: BOBBI at August 22, 2004 06:06 PM
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