August 21, 2004

Chris Matthews: Intellectual Midget

This is a few days old, but I thought I would comment on it.
Having seen Chris Matthews a few times I thought he was an asshole.
Now I know for certain I was wrong. He is a son of a bitch. His loss of control the other night when he tried to savage Michelle Malkin totally disqualifies him being a journalist.
The issue about whether or not John Kerry inflicted injuries on himself to get the purple hearts came up, and Moron Matthews kept trying to get her to say she said he shot himself. She held her ground that she didn't, and he went crazy. He could not corner her and he got more insane.
He ended up kicking her off the show before her time was up.
Hey Chris: There is more than one way to inflict an injury on one's self other than shooting yourself. Maybe if we show you, you can use it on yourself so you can quit breathing the same air we do.
Jerk off.

Read her story here:

Posted by dr at August 21, 2004 06:10 PM | TrackBack

Hee hee hee!!! I like your ranting!!!

Posted by: Funkalicious at August 21, 2004 07:45 PM

He's more irritating than a dick itch.

Posted by: Desert Raspberry at August 21, 2004 07:56 PM
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