June 16, 2004


Does it seem to anybody else that pop-up ads are becoming more obnoxious and intrusive?
I have a pop-up blocker that plays a sound each time an ad is blocked, and I had to change it because it sounded like a bullwhip. One news site I went on the blocker must have sounded a dozen times.
I swear they are like obnoxious salesmen barging down the door.

Posted by dr at June 16, 2004 05:59 AM | TrackBack

I hate the ones that come back when you close whatever you were reading. Like, you close the window, and FIVE MORE come back in their place! Bastards!

Posted by: Lorena at June 17, 2004 01:25 PM


Posted by: popup blocker at June 27, 2004 01:11 AM
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