June 15, 2004

L.A.Times Bullshit

After the stunt the L.A. Times tried to pull to keep "The Governator" from being elected last year, I guess this should be no surprise.
I just wonder why in the hell this dropcloth of a newspaper is still regarded with respect.
The newest stunt is a so-called poll claiming Kerry to have a big lead.
Only thing is- they polled more Dems than Republicans.....

Sen. John Kerry "has taken big lead," according "to an L.A. Times poll."

But the Times poll that showed Kerry "beating Bush by 7 points" has created a controversy over whether the poll's sample accurately reflects the population as whole, according to one report.

"Not counting independents, the Times' results were calculated on a sample made up of 38 percent Democrats and 25 percent Republicans -- a huge and unheard-of margin," the report claims.

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