April 22, 2004

My day at the hospital

The procedure lasted about 3 hours.
They have tried numerous times to blast the stone with sound waves ( called lithoptripsy ) but it was not working.

What they did was insert a scope and laser into the only natural opening down there (and I don't mean the anus ) and hit it with a laser.
Needless to say- I am sore, and it hurts to pee :(
They seem to have blasted the stone this time, but half of the stone went into the "south pole" of the kidney.
Now I am being treated for gout..... I feel too young for this crap-lol.

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I had kidney stones once. I thought I would flippin' die. It was worse than childbirth, and I do mean that literally. The only thing is that I have no idea WHEN I passed them, because the only real pain was when the stones were in the tubes, comin' on down like they were on the Price is Right. Then again, I was on so much friggin' pain medication after I went to the ER that I probably wouldn't have felt my head getting blown off. LOL.

Posted by: Asherah at April 24, 2004 12:55 PM
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