October 26, 2004

Gore-ing the election

There are 7 more days until election day. I think I will stick my neck out now and make a prediction....

I think Bush will win by a margin of less that 5% of the vote.

The Democrats have planted crybabies all over the country to allege voter intimidation and they will try to "Gore" the election if they lose. If Kerry wins, they will look the other way. They have already started claiming shit without evidence here in Nevada. They claimed "hundreds" of democrat voter registrations were destroyed. They could not prove it. because it didn't happen. To them, the seriousness of the charge means more than the lack of evidence.

If Kerry loses his home state, it will be over for him. The last President elected to lose his home state in the process was Woodrow Wilson in 1912.

I think Ohio will be a key state, and the race could come down to states with a small number of electoral votes, like Nevada or New Mexico.

If Kerry wins, I hope he proves all my doubts about him to be false.

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