October 03, 2004

Above the National Average

I read this today and couldn't believe it. In the 2000 Election, the national voter turnout was 51%.
In my county, the turnout was a whopping 74%.

If the 2000 general election is any indication, Churchill County residents are setting the stage for a massive demonstration of democracy come Nov. 2.

Churchill County smashed the national voter turnout average of 51 percent in 2000, when 74 percent of voters here made it to the polls. Election officials are looking to best that mark this year.

"I'm hoping for 75 (percent) or better," said County Clerk Gloria Venturacci.

Not only is turnout expected to be high, the number of eligible voters in Churchill County is also skyrocketing above already-sizeable numbers with a little less than two weeks before the close of registration on Oct 12.

More than a month ago, Churchill County's registered voter count had already beat the total from 2002 by 43 and that of the 2000 presidential election by 560. And since last month's primary, new registrations have been continuing at an "unbelievable" rate.

"We can hardly keep up with all the people coming in," Venturacci said.

With Republicans outnumbering Democrats by more than 2-1 in Churchill County, there's little suspense as to which way local voters will swing on Nov. 2, but those voters will only be adding to the pile of statewide ballots. And the state's leanings are far less certain.

Pundits consider Nevada an up-for-grabs swing state. George Bush beat Al Gore by less than 22,000 votes in Nevada four years ago and heavily Democratic Clark County has swollen with new residents in the past four years, heightening the possibility for an even tighter race this year.


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