September 16, 2004

Bad month in local news

I want to crawl under my bed and let the world go by:

On September 2nd, a former female cop I knew went the wrong way onto the freeway in Northern California. She managed to get into the fast lane and crashed head on into another vehicle. Those occupants survived, the woman I knew did not.

I know she had some difficult times, and I hate to say this, but it almost sounds like a suicide.

Last Friday a 14 year old boy was showing his 14 year old friend a .12 gauge shotgun. The gun went off, blowing the other boy's head off.

A few days ago a former co-worker was arrested for statutory sexual seduction. I want to smack him upside his stupid head.

A few days ago I saw an obituary for a 17 year old boy who died "following a lengthy battle with cancer." Age 17 ? Lengthy battle? Damn- what age was he when he was diagnosed?
That is really shitty.

Today there is an obituary for a baby born Sept. 5, 2004 and died on September 13th.
That would kill me.

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