September 12, 2004

Men will be men

Three guys in a San Fransisco bar are arguing about who is "well endowed."
They agree to end this discussion once and for all....

So they go to the Golden Gate Bridge, unzip their flies and let it all hang out.
The first man stands proud, and says "See? I am am half way to the water."
The second man says "Damn, this water is cold."
The third man says "Yeah, it's deep too!"

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That reminds me of the joke where a white guy and a Jamaican guy are in a public bathroom using the urinal and the white guy looks over at the Jamaican guy next to him and sees W Y
tattooed on his penis. He asks, "Is your girlfriend's name Wendy?" The Jamaican guy says, "No mon, why do you ask?" The other guy says, "Well I have Wendy tatooed on my penis and when it's fully erect it spells out her name. When it's not you can just see the W and Y." The Jamaican guy laughed and said, "No. When I am fully erect mine says Welcome to Jamaica mon, and have a nice day!"

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Posted by: Desert Raspberry at September 16, 2004 07:29 AM
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