September 09, 2004

Email Angst

This is some emails that came my way in the hours and days after 911. I edited names out so they may remain anonymous.
The first series of messages came from somebody who lost a friend in the Pentagon Attack. I'm pretty sure I knew the victim also, just not as well.

This person I met in Germany almost 16 years ago, she is like my sister,
best friend and confidant. I feel robbed!!

She has red hair, 4 kids and a husband who is in pieces.

She is 45, from SanBernadino, but I think she may be buried at the
military cemetery. Her son told me today that they may not even have remains
because of the jet fuel. I can't believe all of this.

I just talked to her husband and daughter, he is falling
apart,.............the worst damn thing is that there is absolutely nothing,
nothing that I can do or say to make him feel any better, nothing. I just
listened to him cry. I feel so empty.

I am really worried about that, he depends on her so much! He was
breaking apart on the phone, and did mention that he can't go on much longer
without her.

This came from a sane liberal friend of mine:

It's time to exercise ALL of our Military options !!!!!!!!!!!!!!,Anyone affilliated with Terrorism !!!!!


From Elmendorf AFB,Alaska:

I can't begin to tell you all the stuff I am seeing, all the cargo
planes on the base next door are going crazy moving "equipment", it could be
rescue supplies, or maybe something else? Who knows where it is going, the
airstrip is under heavy security. There are soldiers guarding the water
towers, and the powerplants. IT is very creepy. It reminds me of desert storm
only in fast forward. I sure don't want to relive that but it looks like it
is coming.

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