August 31, 2004

Mongoloid Media Manure

I hadn't planned to post until after I had my surgery, but I saw this and had to comment on it.
I saw on Michelle Malkin's website this excerpt of the president's interview yesterday, and how the morons in the media are spinning a few words the president said into a context unintended.
Today, the President himself admitted being inarticulate about this.
It amuses me how the media can puke up crap like this.

Read it for yourself, with me adding the boldface, or at the links provided below:

Michelle Malkin:

By Michelle Malkin August 31, 2004 11:08 AM
The New York Times headline this morning reads: "Bush Cites Doubt America Can Win War on Terror."

John Edwards (who?) yapped: "This is no time to declare defeat."

Bush did not "declare defeat." John Kerry's desperate spinners are selectively seizing on the second sentence in Bush's answer to NBC Today Show co-host Matt Lauer about how the war on terror will eventually be won.

Here is the relevant portion of Bush's interview, which aired yesterday:

Lauer: “You said to me a second ago, one of the things you'll lay out in your vision for the next four years is how to go about winning the war on terror. That phrase strikes me a little bit. Do you really think we can win this war on terror in the next four years?”
President Bush: “I have never said we can win it in four years.”

Lauer: “So I’m just saying can we win it? Do you see that?”

President Bush: “I don't think you can win it. But I think you can create conditions so that those who use terror as a tool are less acceptable in parts of the world –- let's put it that way. I have a two pronged strategy. On the one hand is to find them before they hurt us, and that's necessary. I’m telling you it's necessary. The country must never yield, must never show weakness [and] must continue to lead. To find al-Qaida affiliates who are hiding around the world and … harm us and bring ‘em to justice –- we're doing a good job of it. I mean we are dismantling the al-Qaida as we knew it. The long-term strategy is to spread freedom and liberty, and that's really kind of an interesting debate. You know there's some who say well, ‘You know certain people can't self govern and accept, you know, a former democracy.’ I just strongly disagree with that. I believe that democracy can take hold in parts of the world that are now non-democratic and I think it's necessary in order to defeat the ideologies of hate. History has shown that it can work, that spreading liberty does work. After all, Japan is our close ally and my dad fought against the Japanese. Prime Minister Koizumi, is one of the closest collaborators I have in working to make the world a more peaceful place.”

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