August 14, 2004

"Significant Loss of Life"

News reports state that police are guarding "stacks of bodies" at a mobile home park destroyed by Hurricane Charley.
What kind of dummies would want to ride out a Hurricane in a mobile home park?
That would be like riding out a flood in a paper boat.

Posted by dr at August 14, 2004 07:05 AM | TrackBack

I always thought riding out a hurricane in a mobile home was the height of stupidity. Oh well, getting those people out of the gene pool! (Did you read about the guy who went outside to smoke in the middle of the hurricane, and a banyan tree fell over and crushed him?!) The one time I was poor enough to have to live in a mobile home, and Hurricane Elena came through, we left and went to a hotel. We were broke-- not stupid. ;-)

Posted by: Lorena at August 15, 2004 07:12 AM

Because that's all some people have in this life and it's human nature to guard what you have with your life, even at the cost of your life. Common sense would dictate "get the hell out of there", but with some people, it's just an instinctual thing.

Posted by: Funkalicious at August 15, 2004 07:15 PM

Sounds like a candidate for the Darwin Awards. Stupid Retard.

Posted by: Desert Raspberry at August 16, 2004 03:16 AM
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