August 11, 2004

So Many Obituaries

Being in a small town of about 10,000, and doing the work I do, you tend to know a lot of people. I have known literally a dozen or so who have passed on this year alone. Some have been older, and that can be expected I guess, but it still sucks.
It started when I lost my maternal grandmother on December. 31, 2003.

She was 83 and had Alzheimer's Disease. Frankly, I felt a sense of relief for her because it's an awful disease. My daughter and I still celebrated New Year's because she would have wanted that.
This subject is on my mind because I saw two familiar names on the obituaries today, one was 58 and the other was 63. That makes 4 for August so far.
I just hope I don't wake up one morning and find my name there. :)

Posted by dr at August 11, 2004 05:39 AM | TrackBack

It sucks when you wake up dead! You just hate to read your own name in the obits!

On a serious note, I hate reading about people I know dying. I hate anyone having to die. It seems like there is so much loss in the world. The best you can do is live life to it's fullest because you never know when it's your last day. Die without regrets...that's my motto.

Posted by: Robin P at August 11, 2004 04:46 PM

Amen to that. Nobody ever said on their deathbed, "gee, I wish I'd spent more time at work".

Posted by: Lorena at August 13, 2004 10:18 AM
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