August 06, 2004

Accusing others of what they do themselves

Ahh- these Democrats are rats that do not like the taste of their own cheese.
Does anybody remember....

....during the final month of the Clinton Administration when the economy started tanking? What did these buttwarts say?

They blamed it on Bush- saying he was "talking down" the economy- and he had not even been inaugurated yet.

That's like blaming the doctor you've never seen before of making you sick.

Fast forward to 2004- some mild growth in the economy and the presidential wanna be is doing what?
"Talking down" the economy and saying "that's not good enough."

Awww shaddappp!

Another thing- JFK2 is saying he would have done things different on 911.
Instead of telling us what you would have done, why don't you tell us where you were and what you did on September 11, 2001?

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