July 27, 2004

"Perfect Bastard"

Teresa Heinz-Kerry, to her credit, has not backed away from her "shove it" comment. But then again, when there are dozens of witnesses, she would be stupid to deny it.
Some time back she referred to Ted Kennedy as a "Perfect Bastard."
At that time, she was a Republican and married to the late Senator John Heinz of Pennsylvania.
I wonder if she only says things when it is politically convenient to do so. One thing for sure, there is no time wasted trying to figure out what she means when she says what she says.
(I still think she's a doofus.)

``I know some couples who stay together only for politics,'' Heinz Kerry said at the time. ``If Ted Kennedy holds on to that marriage (to ex-wife Joan) just for the Catholic vote, as some people say he does, then I think he's a perfect bastard.''


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