July 23, 2004

Ronstadt can't take the "Heat"wave

She did it again, this time in Livermore, California.
I find it funny how some talking heads in the news are trying to say this is a "conservative (or Republican) backlash" against liberal entertainers.
Let's set the record straight....

First of all- it is an "American Backlash" to the pacifist wussies.
They are people exercising their right to oppose what is said, just as she is exercising her right to say what she wants.
She has the right to be stupid, but she's abusing the privilege.

This happened in Livermore- a city in the San Fransisco Bay Area- which happens to be heavily democratic and liberal.

As for this quote:

"There are too many Republicans in Vegas," Mike Donnelly of Clayton said before the show. "I think the response (to her remarks) has been ridiculous and ludicrous."

Well Mr. Donnelly- Las Vegas does not have "too many Republicans." Las Vegas and the rest of Clark County, Nevada is heavily democratic also. They have a prominent democrat mayor, and one of their congressional districts has a democrat representing it.

So- unless you know what the hell you are talking about, shut the hell up.


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