July 16, 2004

Oh Shut the Hell Up Already!

This gets on my nerves because they are so damn predictable. Benjamin Franklin once said (paraphrasing) that insanity is when you do the same thing over and over again and expect a different result....

So, why in the hell should the president feel obliged to attend the NAACP convention?

They badmouth him, or any other president who has come to kiss their asses, and they would do as they have done in the past, badmouth after he leaves.
There is no pleasing these jerks. You could give them all they want, and it would never be enough.
That is the mentality of starving to death in a restaurant.
They constantly use the race card-blah blah blah- when they are guilty of doing what they accuse others of.
If they could have their way, they would rewrite the history of the civil war to make it look like Republicans started it. History has shown that the Republican Party started under Abraham Lincoln's leadership with one purpose: To End Slavery in the United States. ( I am not sure what their purpose is now, or even what the Dems purpose is, other than to be Marxist Assholes)

I think they are still in shock from Bill Cosby bitchslapping them a few months ago.

They have outlived their purpose.

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