July 11, 2004

Too Dumb to be Insulted

Recently, my company re-hired an employee who was classified as a "No Rehire."
She was a troublemaker.....

....and had caused problems with my ex girlfriend (who works there also).
Anyway, my former GF told me that this troublemaker was totally brown-nosing her and wishing her well with her new marriage, yadda yadda yadda....
I responded "Some people will do anything and kiss any butt they have to to keep a job; she must be on drugs."

She didn't get the insult, at least not right away.

I am still waiting for her to try to say I am jealous, because I have a doozie waiting for that.

I will say "Why would I be jealous of a man who gave up control of his testicles to a domineering bitch ?"

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