July 02, 2004

Three police cars and an ambulance

Just another boring day on the job....

We had a woman collapse in the store today. Maybe it was sticker shock.

I was checking and her daughter- maybe about 12 years old- came up to me and calmly asked "Can you help me?"
I said "yes"

She calmly says "My mom passed out, my grandmother is with her."

She was so calm it took me a minute to realize we had a serious situation.

They took her to the hospital, and I saw her return to the store as I left later in the day.

It must have been a slow day because we had 3 police cars with the ambulance in front of the store.

Posted by dr at July 2, 2004 08:27 PM | TrackBack

Sounds like her daughter has a good head on her shoulders, to be so calm about it.

Three police cars and an ambo? Jeez. The old guy who lives across the street from me got picked up in an ambo a few days ago-- he also got a fire truck, but no police cars.

Posted by: lorena at July 3, 2004 06:13 AM
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