June 26, 2004

Perils of a live microphone

These are things that have actually happened on live TV.

Football game:
He's intercepted the football at the 30 yard line!! To the 40, the 50, the 40.... LOOK AT THAT SUNOFABITCH RUN!!

Basketball game:
He's got the ball, he's going to make the shot ! HE SHITS AND HOOTS!

Baseball game, live mike on the coach:
"Shit! Sonofabitch fouled it off the ground."

Religious Service, the priest reaching into his pocket as he says this:

Let us look in the Second Book of Glasses as I take my peter out.

Let's take a leak outside to see how cold it is outside our studios.

Sportscaster at a baseball game:
I am looking at what must be a newlywed couple, it seems he kisses her on the strikes, and she kisses him on the balls.

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