June 22, 2004

T-Shirts I wouldn't wear

I have seen a number of risque T-shirts lately, so I thought I would post a few I remember.
(Some are gross, and not funny, but I will list them here. So-reader beware)

Snatch- the best stuff on earth (written to look like a Snapple ad )

It's better to be injected than blown.

Need Head

If at first you don't succeed, suck harder.

No, you can't take it with you, but I will let you hold it for a while.

Goddammit Charlie Brown, I told you if you pull it out I won't sink!(Lucy is yelling at him)

I see dumb people.

Your proctologist called. They found your head.

Tell your boobs to quit looking at my eyes.

Silly Faggot, Dicks are for chicks!

Yes I am.

Bend over, I'll drive.

Don't ask me 4 shit.

Elvis shot JFK

Is that your face, or did your neck throw up ?

Did you fart?

Who Farted ?

Smile and the world smiles with you, fart and you stand alone.

Better to be pissed off than pissed on.

Save the whales. Harpoon a fat chick.

Save the planet, commit suicide.

If I throw you a bone, will you go away?

Psychotic State University


I miss my ex, but my aim is getting better.

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