June 22, 2004

Sick Bastards

I know I may step on toes by saying this, but toes can heal. I.O.W.- Deal with it!....

It has become known in the news that the recent recorded execution has become the top search subject for internet search engines!
This makes me want to vomit out of every orofice.
When the last one happened, several google searches led the people to this blog because of some keywords I used. Oddly enough some of those searches originated in Pennsylvania, the home state of the deceased person.

This shows the dark side of humanity, and the internet. To view it is encouragement to the terrorists. They view it as glorification of their deeds. As long as there is an audience to this vile shit, it will continue.
Where is your outrage,Ted Kennedy,and your loudmouth friends?
Hence the reason I will not use the name of the deceased person, nor post a link to view it.

Some may say it is chickenshit to say this, but I do not have to see photos to know there are sick animals in the world who need to be rounded up and nuked.

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