May 31, 2004

Jesus Freak

What the hell is it with people who get so religiously obsessed that they make fucking asses out of themselves ?

This moron came in looking for a Western Union outlet so he could get some money. Our assistant manager told him 3 times we had one in the store; but he didn't get the concept.
Once he figured it out- he shouted "PRAISE THE LORD HALLELUJIA" numerous times.
Turns out there was no money for him with Western Union.
He left then came back and wandered the store for 2 1/2 hours filling the basket with shit, stopping every so often to pretend he was directing a church choir- which was actually a display of Triscuits and Wheat Thins.
He kept shouting "Hallelujia" every so often.
Finally somebody called the cops and had him removed- he left peacefully. I am surprised some of these cowboys around here didn't kick his ass.
I sure wanted to punch him in the mouth just so he would STFU.

Posted by dr at May 31, 2004 05:23 PM | TrackBack

As disturbing as that is, I woulda laughed at his ass.

Posted by: Burnt Fuse at May 31, 2004 09:58 PM
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