May 12, 2004

Media Puke

I am a big fan of FOX news, however I am not amused with them today. As I said yesterday, I am totally opposed to any airing of the video of the execution of that American Civilian in Iraq..... as I was beginning my treadmill cardio exercise at the gym, they were starting to show it on the TV they have there.
I turned off the treadmill and left.
No part of that tape should be shown- before during or after the execution. I feel this way because I think compassion to the family should be top priority.
My dad gives a good argument that the brutality of these crotchrot bastards should be broadcast.... but it is well known already.

The terrorists should be gathered together in a remote location and nuked.

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goddamn wish i had found a similar excuse NOT to

Posted by: guess who??? at June 9, 2004 06:25 AM
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