May 08, 2004

Teens get graphic lesson in drunk driving

This gave me chills:

Students at Churchill County High School got a gruesome lesson about drinking and driving Thursday with a simulated crash that "killed" two of their classmates and sent another friend to jail.

The entire school population was marched over to the Churchill County Fairgrounds where two smashed vehicles were displayed under a gray tarp. When the tarp was pulled away, it revealed three bloody bodies in one vehicle and an intoxicated teen in the other.

If you think that was something, check this out:

A group of high school students wore white makeup to portray students who have died in drunken driving wrecks. They were summoned out of class Thursday by the Grim Reaper, police officer Chris Alexander, who dressed up to represent death.

It's a shame that telling things in a graphic nature is the only way to get through to some people, but if this shakes people into reality, so be it.
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