April 29, 2004

Human Pigs

Over at Asherah's blog she posted about some piggish neighbors..... now I will do the same- but about family members..... the following is rated R for language content.........

I have a former aunt. I say former because I do not claim to be related to her (that is a story I will bitch about another day).
She is a college graduate. A school teacher. She makes a fair amount of money.
But- she is a freeloader and a pig.
She lived with my now deceased grandparents twice in the past ten years. She owns horses, etc, but has never had her own place that I know of.
Each time she moved out, she left huge piles of shit. The sane family members cleaned out the house. It was so bad that an uncle- who was once a minister- was so enraged that he said he wanted to "rip her fucking head off and shit down her neck."

Here are the ugly things they found:
Receipts, unopened bills, used toilet paper, used tampons that were turning moldy and green; green underwear- with shitstains on them. There was also filthy bedsheets.... and that was just part of it !

I have a brother who is somewhat piggish.... I never went into his home because I was worried I would catch something.

I have heard recently that some young military recruits have had to be trained in the basics of cleanliness and housework.

What in the hell is going on with people ?

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